Meet Char Glatley, Owner/Founder/Creative Enthusiastic Organizer = CEO

Char Glatley 600Char is Cleveland’s social expert and event planner. For the past 23 years, Char has organized, created and implemented event strategies, planning and fundraising for for-profit and non-profits. Ranging from 10,000 participants to intimate groups of 10, she has assisted in the development of clients’ event strategies, coordinated the logistics, negotiated the contracts, and implemented successful events.


Char has personally developed proprietary strategies to make every event a success by targeting fundamental initiatives that ultimately address net profit, awareness, and overall visibility.


Specialties include: Event strategic planning, fundraising, event planning, leadership, creative branding of mission and/or message, engage and oversee volunteers, negotiate contracts, and creative PR.

Make Every Event CHAR’tastic!

Event Planner + Social Expert + Leader + Fundraiser + Fun +Energetic + Punny = CHAR’tastic events.


Meet “Char”tastic Glatley

Char Glatley is supreme as an event planner. She is the “wow” factor. Her clients love her for providing a “wow” factor at their event, but more importantly, Char Glatley, raises more money because of her creative ideas to cultivate new supporters to the organization.

Hire the best. Hire Char Glatley.

Mark Schroeder, CAI, BAS, CES

Professional Benefit Auctioneer

Auction Brio, LLC




Help Grow Your Non-Profit!

Event Planner + Social Expert + Leader + Fundraiser + Fun +Energetic + Punny = CHAR’tastic events:






Event Planning










Social Expert  & Public Relations


Fun Facts

  • Char creates CHAR’tober & CHAR’tismas, her annual celebrations where she hosts her favorite CLE vendors and friends as her gifts to others
  • Many hire Char for her social expert connections
  • Char Planned and coordinated the logistics for a 10,000 person 3-part fundraiser, raised $750,000 in 6 months. Finding 10,000 pairs of donated gloves during the 1993 mid-west floods proved challenging but got them donated!
  • As the live auction began at the 2009 Nature Center’s “Once in a Blue Moon”, the tent covering 550 guests went black and the rented generator was on fire. Char’s quick response of using Nature’s Center’s camp lights and the band’s drummer, the live auction continued with success…including an added ‘live’ auction item for the Nature Center’s electric bill, which the crowd loved and funded! With an amazing band, Red Line, to play, Char’s organization under pressure, with some levity, restored power just in time for the band to play “The Night the Lights Went Out in Shaker (Georgia)”.
  • Char has been a guest speaker at John Carroll University’s (JCU) Event Planning class. While educating the 35 students about quick responses, like Char’s at “Once in a Blue Moon”2009 event, the lights went OUT at JCU during this story. Without skipping a beat, Char asked for all the students to turn on their flashlight phone app and she continued teaching for another 25 minutes.

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