Auction Brio

I am a professional licensed benefit auctioneer who works with non-profit organizations and learning institutions throughout the Midwest and Texas. What clients need is ingenuity to create a fresh advance to collect new funds. Having teamed with many event planners in Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Chicago, Austin, San Antonio and Houston, there is no event planner with the energy, enthusiasm and most importantly, knowledge to initiate fresh concepts that deliver more money than Char Glatley.

Char leads. She takes each feature of the event and organizes it to perfection. She is dynamic on the day of the event. Hours before guests arrive, she reviews the run-of-show with production staff, the auctioneer, caterer, volunteers, registration staff and musicians. She is checking and rechecking that tables are perfectly prepped, entertainment is set and the presentation of auction items is a showcase presenting greater value to the bidder.

Char Glatley is supreme as an event planner. She is the “wow” factor. Her clients love her for providing a “wow” factor at their event, but more importantly, Char Glatley, raises more money because of her creative ideas to cultivate new supporters to the organization.
Hire the best. Hire Char Glatley.

Mark Schroeder, CAI, BAS, CES
Professional Benefit Auctioneer
Auction Brio, LLC