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I am a professional licensed benefit auctioneer who works with non-profit organizations and learning institutions throughout the Midwest and Texas. What clients need is ingenuity to create a fresh advance to collect new funds. Having teamed with many event planners in Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Chicago, Austin, San Antonio and Houston, there is no event planner with the energy, enthusiasm and most importantly, knowledge to initiate fresh concepts that deliver more money than Char Glatley.

Char leads. She takes each feature of the event and organizes it to perfection. She is dynamic on the day of the event. Hours before guests arrive, she reviews the run-of-show with production staff, the auctioneer, caterer, volunteers, registration staff and musicians. She is checking and rechecking that tables are perfectly prepped, entertainment is set and the presentation of auction items is a showcase presenting greater value to the bidder.

Char Glatley is supreme as an event planner. She is the “wow” factor. Her clients love her for providing a “wow” factor at their event, but more importantly, Char Glatley, raises more money because of her creative ideas to cultivate new supporters to the organization.
Hire the best. Hire Char Glatley.

Mark Schroeder, CAI, BAS, CES
Professional Benefit Auctioneer
Auction Brio, LLC

Valerie Mayen of YellowCake & Hullabaloo

Char Glatley is one of the most vibrant, energetic, well-connected fundraisers, marketing agents and event planners I have ever met. My team and I were lucky enough to meet her when we were in the trenches of preparing for one of our biggest events of the year. When all seemed lost and the chips were down, Char helped us pick up the pieces and really turn our situation around. Not only did she help us put on one of our best events to date but she did it with flair, ease, and organizational skills like I’ve never seen before. She helped our team keep focus and work like a well oiled machine towards the task at hand. She was fair, gracious, and reasonable with her fee structure and terms and even a small company like ours was able to afford her services as it was a well valued investment towards our success. Not only did she help us achieve great success with clarity and finesse but she is a joy to work with. She has a zest for life that I’ve yet to see matched by any other in her business. She is readily available when needed and extremely clever and quick thinking for problem-solving. We are now working towards our second event with Char and couldn’t be more thrilled to have her on our team. We have every confidence in her expert skills and services. Hiring Char was the smartest decision we’ve ever made.

We mean every word of it!

Valerie Mayen

(361) 813-4308

Ravencrest Food & Beverage Update

We are in the process of selecting restaurant & catering sponsors for September 20.2014. If you are interested, please call me at 216.288.6388.
HELP Malawi Children Now

Mayor Leiken re-election

Char Glatley did an outstanding job of handling extensive arrangements for my successful campaign as a Mayor of Shaker Heights in 2011. Char was responsible for all the design work concerning our lettering, campaign logo, t-shirts and other campaign materials. She was in complete charge of designs, vendors, production and delivery arrangements. Char was also responsible for everything the campaign did in connection with our involvement in a major community parade held every year on Memorial Day including coordinating the logistics, soliciting vendors, negotiating costs and handling marketing.

In addition, Char was the Event Coordinator for the Opening Ceremony for our Shaker Height’s community’s celebration of our 100th anniversary. She arranged for the Producers and the volunteers and executed the logistics. This was a highly successful event was sold out with 1000 attendees.

I am deeply grateful to Char for her outstanding service in helping my campaign and our Centennial to achieve successful outcomes.


Earl M. Leiken


Woman of the Year 2014 “Char”tastic Campaign

PLEASE VISIT to Donate!!

I’m honored and excited to be picked as a “Woman of the Year” candidate for Leukemia Lymphoma Society.  The campaign is for a select elite group of business and community leaders.  The 10-week fundraising campaign kicks-off March 19 and ends at an amazing finale on June 6.

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The Ravencrest Private Reserves Benefit (RPRB) is the brainchild of H.E.L.P.’s Co-Chairman of the board, Scott Wolstein.

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Fundraising Wow-Factor

Char Glatley of FUND~amentals LLC. is the “wow” factor in non-profit fundraising and event planning. As a consultant she has created a business that generates impactful donations for her clients. By teaming with them, Char evaluates their needs then advises those non-profits how to initiate new opportunities that raise thousands of dollars. Her public relations savvy allows her client’s event to become a news worthy affair for the media. Having worked with event planners from Cleveland, Chicago, Pittsburgh, San Antonio, Houston, Austin and Dallas, Char is the most talented of them all. Because of her design and decorative talents, devotion to details and creative ideas, Char is the only event planner I ever endorse to my auction gala clients. Her charismatic and energetic personality fuels enthusiasm for your planning and fundraising event. The “fun” in fundraising comes from the wow factor of FUND~amentals LLC.

-Mark Schroeder, President, Auction brio llc

Cleveland Sight Center

I had the pleasure of working with Char Glatley of Fund~amentals LLC for a critical fundraising event in Cleveland, OH in the fall of 2012. This event is very important to this NFP as it was the annual gala – which is always planned to bring in the highest single event funding for the year. Char assisted in leading the planning committee, adding new committee members, developing marketing and literature, obtaining silent and live auction items, as well as recommending new concepts never before tried at this event. As a direct result of Char’s tenacity and leadership, the event had record breaking results – the highest net revenue ever achieved at a single event for this high profile NFP organization. Char interacted with numerous board members, donors and employees and was well respected for her fresh ideas and unstoppable positive energy. Char met tight deadlines efficiently and effectively. Char was a joy to work with and I look forward to continuing to work with her on other events.

Char has the ability to see the big picture, determine what needs to be done and produce outstanding results. Her attention to detail, creativity and passion for the overall success of the event is top notch. If you are looking for a result oriented event planner, look no farther than Char Glatley of Fund~amentals LLC.

Jill Marcotte

Partner & Chief Supply Chain Officer

Dealer Tire

New Visionary

As a member of the Board Trustees of the Cleveland Sight Center, I am pleased to write this letter of recommendation. It was truly fortunate that the management of the Sight Center engaged your services to assist with our important event planning. The expertise that you brought to our planning far exceeded the expectations of the Board. Your recognition of the many ways we could improve our events, both for the satisfaction of the attendees and improvement of our financial results have made
our activities premier class.

Your creative concept allowing participants to experience the world of the blind and vision impaired made our annual Spellbound event both remarkable and financially successful.

I must also compliment your introduction of the New Visionary plan which will cultivate new volunteers for the Sight Center and provide future leadership for the board of Trustees.

There is no doubt in my mind that we will continue to engage your excellent services as our important events continue to be planned.

Without question, your approach, on behalf of your clients, is truly outstanding.

With appreciation,

David Cook

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