Mayor Leiken re-election

Char Glatley did an outstanding job of handling extensive arrangements for my successful campaign as a Mayor of Shaker Heights in 2011. Char was responsible for all the design work concerning our lettering, campaign logo, t-shirts and other campaign materials. She was in complete charge of designs, vendors, production and delivery arrangements. Char was also responsible for everything the campaign did in connection with our involvement in a major community parade held every year on Memorial Day including coordinating the logistics, soliciting vendors, negotiating costs and handling marketing.

In addition, Char was the Event Coordinator for the Opening Ceremony for our Shaker Height’s community’s celebration of our 100th anniversary. She arranged for the Producers and the volunteers and executed the logistics. This was a highly successful event was sold out with 1000 attendees.

I am deeply grateful to Char for her outstanding service in helping my campaign and our Centennial to achieve successful outcomes.


Earl M. Leiken